Clean eating = Weight loss

It is a beautiful thing when the success of others in an area of your life’s love brings you honest and true joy.   A smile (and sometimes a tear) comes to my face when I hear of people’s health success stories.  Achieving health goals is not easy by any standards.  As it is a long and arduous process which requires hard, and sometimes painful work, the goals can seem as if they are too far out of reach.  I can’t even begin to imagine how hard it must be for those who are severely overweight to lose weight.   The process is intimidating and overwhelming from a multitude of fronts.  Getting started is always difficult when it comes to achieving goals, but there must be a starting point.  Imagine standing on a scale and seeing the needle tip past 250 lbs.  The goal to lose even a few pounds would seem daunting!

Erika Nicole Kendall, who tipped the scales at 330 pounds, can relate to this.  I urge you all to read Clean Eating Helps Woman Lose 170 lbs.   Erika is a first class example of overcoming her weight problem by incorporating a healthy diet rich in vegetables and fruit.  Most importantly, she cut out processed foods that contain tremendous amounts of processed sugar and sodium.  She found that exercise alone is worthless if she isn’t eating correctly.  Three miles on the treadmill and your dripping…great.  Keep the benefits of that run/walk going by eating right and gain the after burn effect.  Otherwise you are doing yourself a disservice should you eat a burger and fries.   You see, its a system that requires consistency.  Your exercise can only produce weight loss with limited calories.  Certainly your body requires energy after a strenuous workout.  Make sure these foods are wholesome and nutrition.  A calorie is not a calorie in different circumstances.  If you feed your system junk, your results will not be as optimal as they could be.

Before I turn in for the night, a final thought…

You have to harness your will to say I’m going to challenge myself.